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[American MSB VNS Advances Affiliate Marketing with Strategic Alliance Approach]

American MSB VNS Advances Affiliate Marketing with
VNS Company focuses on creating strategic marketing solutions in the field of affiliate marketing and advertising alliances, aiming to promote connections between leading brands and advertising channels to ensure mutual success and industry advancement.


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American MSB VNS advances affiliate marketing with a focus on strategic alliances, supporting brands and partners globally.

Denver, USA–American MSB VNS, headquartered in Denver, is making strides in the affiliate marketing industry by enhancing its advertising alliance service platform. Focusing on connecting leading brands with worldwide advertising channels, the company employs a strategic marketing approach to benefit both brands and their partners.

Founded in March 2016 by a team with two decades of experience in the advertising industry, VNS quickly established a foundational partnership with Google. This early alliance set the stage for the company's growth and its ambitions to extend its influence in the advertising alliance sector globally.

Sharing the rapid growth of VNS, the spokesperson of the company said, “By 2021, VNS’s annual alliance marketing revenue will reach $ 3 billion, with a total commission of $35 million for alliance websites. As of 2023, VNS has provided high-quality professional marketing services to over 500 advertisers and over 80,0000 alliance members, reaching $80 billion in ad impressions on platforms like Google, Youtube, TikTok, etc, and over 8 billion dollars spent in advertising.”

These achievements were critical in attracting a $3 billion market investment in 2022, facilitating a rebranding to American MSB VNS.

The platform's effectiveness is highlighted by the achievements of marketers like Michael Brown, who report significant sales growth and user engagement through their collaborations with VNS. “Thanks to VNS Advertising Alliance, I was able to achieve remarkable growth in online sales within just three months, generating an additional $80,000 in revenue. As a member of VNS, I have seen a significant increase of 43% in his monthly income and a 60% increase in annual income compared to previous collaborations.”

These successes illustrate the platform's capacity to support revenue growth and provide valuable insights into the affiliate marketing industry.

VNS's services include strategic advertising placement, planning, data analysis, and brand management. The company targets various channels, such as coupon sites, cashback websites, social media influencers, and mobile apps, to engage consumers throughout their online shopping journey.

"Partnering with VNS has been a transformative experience for my affiliate marketing ventures. Their strategic support and innovative platform have been instrumental in achieving unprecedented sales growth and enhancing my market presence," said John Smith.
Since its inception, VNS has undergone significant expansion. By 2017, the company had grown its team and formally introduced its advertising alliance model, leading to collaborations with numerous global advertisers. These partnerships have enabled VNS to reach target consumers effectively, increasing visibility for advertisers and driving sales. The company is focused on developing an advertising alliance ecosystem that encourages collaboration among brands, media, and partners. This effort aims to enhance advertising effectiveness and support a vibrant economic ecosystem within the industry.

As American MSB VNS continues to grow, its strategic approach to affiliate marketing sets a benchmark for others in the industry, reflecting a commitment to mutual success and industry advancement.

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About Company:

American MSB VNS specializes in creating efficient advertising alliance service platforms with a mission to connect leading brands with global advertising channels. Based in Denver, USA, the company develops strategic marketing solutions that generate revenue for alliance members and foster connections between brands and consumers.